Founded by Elisa Paloschi, Eyesfull is an independent documentary production company based in Toronto Canada dedicated to making non-fiction films with social relevance which reflect the diversity of the human voice.

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80' documentary
In post production - completion fall 2014

Embracing Voices - Jane Bunnett Documentary

Embracing Voices - The woman behind the music of Jane Bunnett
73' documentary

Ride to Survive
Ride to Survive
Interactive' documentary

Twenty young Indian women will set off on a 600 km bicycle journey across the breathtaking landscape of Karnataka in southern India. These girls are recovering survivors of human trafficking, domestic slavery and sexual exploitation.  They will ride 20km a day for 30 days visiting 60 remote villages – and like the tradition of the Karnataka Nomads before them, they will share their wisdom and personal stories through song, dance and drama, in exchange for food and lodging in the villages.  By leaving the safety of their shelter they will deepen their understanding of themselves, will develop new relationships, will learn about society and how to trust again.  Ride to Survive will follow 2 to 4 of these girls on this monumental journey through struggles and rewards as they gain personal confidence and bring awareness of human rights and female exploitation to the communities they reach.
In development  

Midgets & Misfits
A a character driven journey across the globe that tells the story of a diverse group of Tom Waits fans, while exploring the ways in which their passion for the music shapes their identity, their relationships and ultimately their connection to the world around them.
In development  

Still Photography and Photographic Tours
For photographer Elisa Paloschi, the camera navigates the delightful exploration of loose borders and imaginary space: where light and shadow meet and the mundanities of everyday reality merge with the splendours of imagination.   Her work discovers the uncommon in the common, revealing the underpinnings of what is "normal" in land and in people, telling secret-stories through the camera that might have otherwise been missed ...

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Eyesfull's past has been delightfully varied thanks to the hospitality of three continents.  From time spent photographing the Roma people of Palermo, to designing award winning edutainment CDs for Australian children’s author Libby Hathorn to hiding out at the Banff Centre for weeks on end documenting Canada’s Jane Bunnett and her Cuban friends, we’ve had a colourful life.  But with time comes change and a desperate need to hide some of those terrible websites we designed that still hold our signature.  Our old site will be honoured with a special place in our memories and can be found here, if you really must…until we launch the new one and erase all traces of our past.

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Eyesfull is Documentary Film, Photography, New Media, Storytelling

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